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Capitalism allows you to solve this problem in the best way.

But the worst thing in that situation was that practically nothing could be done to rectify the situation. People were ready to do anything to get money to feed themselves and their children. But the system did not give them a chance, and they were forced to be in this state for a long time, seeking solace in a glass of alcohol, which at that time became very affordable.

As the system collapsed, as people gained economic freedom, they finally got real opportunities to rectify the situation. Many of the former teachers, teachers, engineers, and other knowledge workers who have been hit hardest by the crisis in the social system have started doing business.

Some traveled to Poland, Turkey or China for cheap clothes and shoes, others went to Germany for cars and spare parts. Still others began to open car services, kiosks or small shops on every corner. Everyone got a chance not only to survive, but to build their own lives on their own and with their labor, and a large number of them soon began to make it. Thus began the revival of capitalism in Belarus.

Will capitalism take root in Belarus
Economic freedom soon led to real freedom of opinion. Although there is an opinion that capitalism was always and everywhere aimed at enslaving people, aimed at taking away their freedom, however, in reality this is not so. Under socialism, it seemed that there was freedom, but it was not real. True freedom can only be when there is self-interest.

It is he who forces people to express their opinions, to protest against orders that they do not like. Under socialism, this situation was simply not real, because it is very difficult to gather people to protest when they have no personal interest in this. It is enough to recall the times when people went to vote only because there were scarce goods in the polling stations.

It is clear that one in the field is not a warrior

With the revival of capitalism in Belarus, people began to have personal interests, and quite strong interests. People begin to realize that in one situation they really win, and in another they really lose. The desire to win, not to lose, pushes them to defend the state of affairs in which they win and people start to vote not because they can buy something there, but because they want to protect themselves and choose their own future. All this leads to even greater freedom.

It is clear that one in the field is not a warrior. One voice or opinion is not enough to make a difference. Changing the situation requires government intervention. But on the other hand, it is also clear that interests are present both among ordinary people and among people in power. This leads to the fact that people in power begin to really need ordinary people and their support.

It turns out that it was under capitalism that ordinary people, people, receive real leverage and can really influence the situation. The authorities are beginning to be interested in solving the problems of ordinary people in order to maintain their support. The solution to the problems of ordinary people, people, will be pushed at the highest levels, which means that the likelihood that they will be resolved increases many times. Thus, capitalism not only gives freedom, but also allows it to be realized.

The main advantages of capitalism
Now it is no longer possible to find stores with empty shelves, but after all, only some 15 years ago – it was a widespread picture. Nobody probably wondered how it happened that now another problem has arisen – the problem of choice – this is perceived naturally. But if you think about it, then shops bursting with goods are the merit of capitalism. It was he, who began to revive after the collapse of the socialist system, that made it possible to buy something for the money earned.

From Maslow’s theory it is known that human needs have a hierarchy. Below are the most primitive, above the more elevated. Unmet needs lead to people becoming aggressive. Moreover, if the needs of the lower level are not satisfied, then this aggression is primitive.

But if the needs of a higher level are not satisfied, such respect, recognition, affiliation, then there may be big problems for the government. After all, quite developed people arise from high needs, which can pose a real threat to the government.

Capitalism allows you to solve this problem in the best way.

Capitalism allows us to solve this problem in the best way. Thanks to capitalism, a large number of ambitious people appear in society who want to realize their ambitions. This leads to competition between them. With the advent of competition, many activities are not becoming as profitable as before, and this helps people with an entrepreneurial spirit begin to look for other areas of application of their efforts.

Thanks to this, new products, new types…

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