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The most unusual shops in the world

Shops are a place as familiar to all people as home or work. We often buy something, and no matter how fast online trading develops, we still visit physical stores. After all, they have one indisputable advantage that online stores have never achieved – you can touch, touch, measure, etc. goods before buying them. In order for a potential buyer to enter the store, he needs to be lured there. Some do it with aggressive advertising at every turn, others put promoters at the entrance, and the most creative owners of offline stores just make their appearance so that it is simply impossible to pass by. We present you a selection of the most unusual store designs around the world.

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The most interesting shops in the world
Christian Peterson’s Bicycle Shop in Berlin
To attract attention, the store owner did not bother much, but simply attached a huge amount of real bicycles to the facade of the building. In total, about 120 pieces of bicycles hanging at the store. Maybe somewhere in Berlin there is a sausage shop hung with sausages?

Adidas Store in Amsterdam
This is a real paradise for lovers of sportswear and shoes! What a pleasure it is to leave the store with a box of brand new sneakers of a famous brand. Now imagine that for these sneakers you need to go inside the same box, only the size of a whole house. Or maybe the creators of this masterpiece just wanted visitors to feel like cats, which, as you know, love to climb into different boxes).

Diesel store in London
If, while strolling along London Carnaby Street, you will see a huge radio, do not be alarmed. This is just a Diesel store, made in such an unusual form. Interestingly, do the sliders to the right of the entrance move?

Freitag store in Zurich
Freitag are youth bags that are made only from recycled materials, namely canvas tarpaulins and seat belts. The creators of this brand decided to go all the way in their ideas for recycling, and turned several shipping containers into a store. And what is practical and attractive! And it saves space, since the store takes up more area in height than in width. At night, the store glows with lights.

Advertisers often use such loud words in their slogans as “stunning”, “dizzying” and the like. The managers of the Gap store in Vancouver decided not only to use these epithets in their advertising campaigns, but also to back up all this with a “deed”. For several days, almost everything was turned upside down in the store: signs, mannequins, changing rooms, shop windows, tables, logos, etc. Even those who have nothing to do with the Gap brand participated in this “dizzying action” – a kiosk with hot dogs near the store and several cars in the parking lot. And the sellers on these promotional days also moved upside down?

River Bazaar in Indonesia
True, this is not a store, but a bazaar, but you probably have not seen such a format of street trading. Merchants sell fruits, vegetables and greens, sitting in boats, which at this time float on the river. And if the seller really likes it, he may “give you a lift” on his boat in the direction you need. Almost home delivery!

Swarovski store in Tokyo
The products of the Swarovski brand are simply dazzling with their brilliance and radiance. In Tokyo, they decided to add even more luxury to the brand and opened a store that looks like it is made entirely of precious stones.

Momo Store in Hong Kong
This store is located in one of Hong Kong’s shopping centers and its design is completely made of various windows. The store has several entrances from different sides, but does not have a sign. Yes, and why is she? This design immediately attracts attention.

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