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Examples of promotion in social networks from famous brands

Today, business promotion in social networks is very important – there are a lot of people there, which means a lot of potential customers. The best way to attract the attention of the target audience to your page is, of course, holding promotions. Various draws and contests are often held by very many companies, but only a few of them were able to carry out such actions, which are already almost history. Cases, which will be discussed later, are worthy of being called the best examples of advancement in social networks to date.

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To begin
Company: IKEA. Where: Facebook
In 2009, IKEA launched a photo campaign, and did not even suspect how much it would become popular. On the director’s page at different times of the day for two weeks photos were posted showing a large number of goods from IKEA.

Pictures were taken directly in the stores themselves – warehouses, shop windows were photographed. The user who first marked himself on a particular product received it for free. Only twelve photos – and thousands of likes and reposts.

Last year, Odnoklassniki conducted an exciting quest among users of another social network – Instagram. 36 pages in Instagram were involved in creating the quest, each of which belonged to a particular employee or was dedicated to one of the departments of Odnoklassniki company. All pages were linked in a certain way using tags.

The plot of the quest was as follows: a young man came to a party that was held in the Odnoklassniki office, but the fun was in full swing, and he still could not find the girl who called him there. Participants in the quest should be smart and find this very girl using tag tags.

It took only a couple of hours after the start of the quest, and the number of subscribers to the official page of Odnoklassniki Instagram significantly increased. In addition, the company was able to promote its excellent working conditions for employees – after all, the photographs and videos that were used for the quest showed different rooms in the main office of Odnoklassniki.

Company: Intouch. Where: promotional site and Twitter
Intouch Insurance Company introduced a new service for insuring automobiles against all kinds of damages that are not dependent on the driver. The plot for the advertising campaign of this service was a situation in which a grand piano falls on a brand new car.

A garage was rented and a victim car was brought into it, over which a huge piano was hung. By the way, it weighs no less than 350 kg. The piano rested on several cables that could break off or remain intact depending on such conditions: FC Barcelona will get into the Champions League final or not, an eagle or tails will fall, if the air temperature rises above 21 degrees in Moscow. On a specially created promotional site for this, everyone could vote for a particular condition and watch the fight between the car and the piano live. The campaign quickly became a hit on Twitter, and just a couple of days after the launch of the action, the hashtag #carvspiano became one of the leaders in terms of the number of publications.

At first this company was called A.1. Steak Sauce and, accordingly, produced steak sauces. When it was decided to expand the product line, the name also needed to be changed, or rather, to remove the word “steak” from it. To present these changes to consumers as unobtrusively and easily as possible, a cute video clip was created that showed how the sauce can be friends on Facebook not only with meat, but also with fish, potatoes, cheese, lobster and other products.

In the first 2 weeks after the publication of the video, the number of views exceeded 100 thousand. And now there are more than 1372000 views.

Company: Lay’s. Where: Facebook
To offer customers to participate in the process of creating the product themselves is an excellent marketing move. And where else to offer it, no matter how on social networks.

Chips maker Lay’s has invited its Facebook subscribers to come up with a new flavor for future chips. And the one whose option is recognized as the best will not only be able to see his embodied reality on store shelves, but also get a million dollars.

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