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Apple Secrets
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Sanctions Business
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Creative business ideas

There are so many entrepreneurs and business ideas embodied in them that to create something new you need to turn your imagination to the maximum. This is how creative ideas for business come about. If you were able to come up with something radically new, you win in terms of not encountering competition and interest in your product or service will be initially increased.

People are attracted to everything unusual and non-standard. And if you can also make money on it, then why not do it? We have made for you a selection of creative business ideas that have attracted attention and will always remain relevant!

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To begin
Donation in exchange for goods
This idea relates more specifically to the organization of a business than to its essence. We all know that when buying any product in the store, you need to pay for it. Habitual payment is money. But the store The Walking Dead Blood Store in Portugal offers its customers a slightly different payment method. To receive any product, you must become … a blood donor. The store’s management has entered into an agreement with the Institute for Blood Donation and are now working together.

The management of the store was prompted by the very specifics of the goods sold to organize such a noble payment system (donor blood can save someone’s life) – these are various things that may be of interest to fans of the series The Walking Dead. In The Walking Dead Blood Store you can find T-shirts, watches, posters, table lamps, covers for electronic devices, various souvenirs, all in the style of The Walking Dead with the corresponding symbols.

Creative business ideas
Each person who wants to become a customer of a store must go through a simple procedure: fill out the appropriate medical forms and “give” the allowable amount of their blood. Then the customer gets points, which he will be able to pay for goods in the store.

The creators of such an unusual idea for business are sure: they promote a good cause in a society that can solve the issue of life and death for many people.

Your ketchup to the last drop!
Surely everyone faced a problem when ketchup from a glass or plastic bottle does not work out completely. And a certain amount of sauce still remains on the walls of the bottle. It would seem that this is such a trifling problem that you should not even pay attention to it. But two ambitious entrepreneurs – Dave Smith and Creep Varanasi – decided once and for all to end this difficulty for all ketchup lovers, and even make money on it!

They created a special spray, which, getting inside the bottle, makes its walls so slippery that any sauce will pour out of it to the last drop, you just need to shake the container a little. A life-saving spray for lovers of ketchup and other sauces is called Liqui Glide. The developers made sure that this substance does not harm our body (after all, it will come in direct contact with the food product), and through numerous experiments they have chosen the optimal formula, consisting only of non-toxic and harmless components.

Creative business ideas
In the future, the team plans to introduce its development in the field of household chemicals – because, using tubes with toothpaste and other gels, people often face exactly the same problem.

Spoon scales
Any business idea will work only if a large number of people feel the need to solve the problem that this business does. One of the most pressing problems of modern people is the problem of losing weight. Entrepreneur Jan Di Hong decided not to waste time and make money on it. He created a special spoon that will weigh your food just before you put it in your mouth!

Creative business ideas
In addition, this spoon is a real multi-device, because, in addition to the function of weighing, it can also measure the temperature of the food and its volume. And it is completely incomprehensible why, but in a miracle spoon there is also a timer with an alarm clock. I put a spoon in the evening at 7 in the morning – I didn’t oversleep for work 🙂 The first batch of spoons was perceived by consumers “with a bang” – they were bought by both those who want to lose weight and cooking lovers, because in the process of preparing food, there is often a need to weigh one or another ingredient. Thus, Jan Di Hoon has already received a lot of money for his idea, and this is a gorgeous example of how you can turn simple into brilliant, and make good money on it.

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