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Interesting facts about Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and many people already know that it was originally created as a medicine and sold in pharmacies. The creator of this drink, pharmacist John Pemberton, named this drink in honor of the components from which he made it – coca tree leaves and cola nuts. Coca-Cola can be called a truly legendary drink – which is only worth a long-term advertising campaign with Santa Claus in the lead role! By the way, this strategy is included in the collection of the greatest advertising campaigns of the twentieth century.

If you look superficially through the history of the creation and development of the Coca-Cola brand, it may seem that the company has always pursued an honest, albeit slightly aggressive, policy of promoting its product. In fact, absolutely any big business is fraught with facts hidden from the public. And these secrets do not always give cause for pride.

In 2012, Michael Blending’s Coca-Cola. “Dirty truth”, in which he tried to reveal little-known facts from the life of the Coca-Cola Company. Blending conducted his own journalistic investigation and found out what actually constitutes a drink, which many people love in our country, and the corporation that produces this drink.

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To begin
Production expansion during World War II
During World War II, the Coca-Cola Company began to try to expand the distribution area of ​​its products. The management of the company held negotiations with the government of the United States of America, convincing them that absolutely every American soldier would have the opportunity to purchase a bottle of Coca-Cola, wherever he was. And it will cost only 10 cents. Such a promise, of course, interested the government. However, there was an acute problem – how to quickly and easily deliver products to different places in the world, especially since the drink was in glass bottles, which complicated the transportation procedure. And then the Coca-Cola Company went on a trick: it asked the American government for money to build production plants in South America and Europe, citing the fact that it would be easier to arrange delivery of products to soldiers. In this way, the Coca-Cola Company was able to effortlessly expand production and capture a market of 69%.

Before World War II and during it, one of the main markets for Coca-Cola was Germany. In early 1943, there was a problem with the availability of sugar. He was imported to Germany from South America, and when the logistics were severely disrupted, the Coca-Cola Company was tempered: how to make a drink without sugar? The solution was found quickly. It was necessary to come up with a new drink, for the manufacture of which sugar would not be required at all. So the famous Fanta appeared, which contained apple cake instead of sugar.

In the late 1990s, the Coca-Cola Company began its expansion into American schools. This time, the leadership of Coca-Cola Company decided to “walk” through the children. Contracts have been made with many schools, under the terms of which no drinks should be sold within the school except Coca-Cola. And in school cafes and in vending machines with drinks, children could get only this soda. Of course, such an agreement also had a financial side – the school received about $ 3,000 a year for this.

To get an even larger children’s audience, Coca-Cola Company began to promote its products through children’s films. From 2001 to 2009, a bottle of Coca-Cola flashed in almost every child’s movie broadcast in theaters. And this information penetrated deeper and deeper into the consciousness of children, awakening in them the desire to drink this drink, which is far from the most useful for the children’s body. But product placement was designed for this.

To filter or not to filter?
If you are interested in the quality of water used for the manufacture of Coca-Cola, then there is nothing special to please you with. No matter how much the Coca-Cola Company declares that they use the most modern and effective filters, the reality is somewhat different. The syrup concentrate, which is necessary in order to get exactly Coca-Cola, and not any other drink, is made only at the main plant of Coca-Cola Company. Then this concentrate is transferred to other plants (referred to as bottlers), which already independently complete the production process . They dilute the concentrate with water, bottle the drink and deliver it to points of sale. Interestingly, the Coca-Cola Company has no control over what kind of water the bottler plants use to make the drink.

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